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Storing files individually and transferring them online can take quite a bit of time if you do it all manually. A simple solution to this problem is compressing the files together in a digital archive. Not only does the archive have a smaller size than the collective size of the individual files, but you also have to store or transfer a single digital file rather multiple ones.

Since there are numerous digital archive formats, you must pick one that offers the best compression percentage. Here promising a better compression rate than other popularly used formats is an application called KuaiZip.

compress file smaller

KuaiZip is a free to use desktop application for Windows. The app lets you open and uncompress archives of numerous file formats. Not only can the archives be uncompressed, but disc images can also be mounted using this application.


When it comes to file compression, KuaiZip supports ZIP and 7Z compression. Additionally, the app offers a propriety compression format with the KZ extension. Using default settings, you will find that the KZ archives will generally have a smaller size than archives of other formats. Creating archive volumes, setting passwords for them, and various other compression options are all provided by the app.


For greater accessibility, the app also places usability options in the Windows context menu.


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