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Finding a kosher restaurant in the city that fits your taste can be very difficult. Fortunately, Kosher Restaurant Maps is a website that shows you where all the kosher establishments are in any metropolitan area in the United States.

find kosher restaurants

To use the mapper, choose a metropolitan area and input your location. The site will then show in the map a list of the kosher restaurants, supermarkets, and caterers for that area. The site also provides the contact information of the establishments as well as the kind of food that they serve, price range and who provides the kosher supervision.


  • Find kosher restaurants in metropolitan areas of the United States.
  • Free, no signup is required.
  • Get nifty establishment details such as contact information, kind of food they serve, price range, and kosher supervisor.
  • Change from a map view to a satellite view or a hybrid view.

Check out Kosher Maps @

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