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Kontactr offers a simple and secure way to share your email with others. It gives you one-click contact form that people can use to contact you without knowing your email address. You can either direct people to this form via ‘contact me’ link OR just embed it on your blog (or any social profile page).

    Kontactr: “You receive Spam only when Spammers get to know your email address. With your Kontactr, your email address is completely concealed. So you don’t have to fear spammers anymore.

Kontactr - Free Web Contact Form

Kontactr Features:

  • Get online contact form:
  • Embed form on your blog, website or web profiles (MySpace, Bebo, etc.).
  • Email address remains hidden and secure.
  • Set Kontactr form to Active/Inactive states whenever you want.

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