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If you’re a photographer or other similar visual artist or creative type who needs standalone websites for projects, portfolios, brands and showing off your skills, then you’ll undoubtedly have gone through a fair few content management systems 10 Most Popular Content Management Systems Online 10 Most Popular Content Management Systems Online Whether you’re setting up a corporate website, a standard blog or just want to announce your presence on the web, the age of hand-coding HTML pages and CSS is long behind us. These days all... Read More (CMS). WordPress is usually the go-to for this sort of thing, but even so it’s primarily designed for showcasing words rather than pictures, despite the many hacks and themes available.

content management system for photographers

Koken is a free CMS built with creative types, designers and photographers in mind. It makes your visual media the centrepiece of your website, though the software works well with words too. Much in the way you’d expect a CMS to work, Koken includes a full desktop-like back-end experience, allowing you to manipulate your pages, collate images and easily manage what visitors can and can’t see.


There are 6 in-built beautifully minimal themes included, each of which place your work before themselves so your pictures, designs and stories can speak for themselves. Users of Adobe Lightroom will be pleased to hear that the CMS will sync with the software, making your workflow even easier. For the rest of us, the simple upload and sorting features do the job just fine. Elegant solutions such as this don’t come along very often, and when they do they’re rarely free – grab it before the beta ends and it becomes a premium product!


  • Very powerful CMS from which to showcase visual artwork, photographs or words alongside your work.
  • Desktop-like admin area for collating and organising collections.
  • Easily edit pages before they go live on your site.
  • Choose from six in-built minimal themes or create your own.

Download: Koken @

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  1. Jay
    March 6, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Koken is free and will always be free. See post on their blog at