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Most text editing applications leave the taskbar and similar items visible. While writing, these visible items distract you. If you are looking for a way to peacefully type in a distraction-free writing environment, then you should pay a visit to Koi Writer Text Editor.

distraction-free writing environment

Koi Writer Text Editor is a free to use text editing web application that has a lot to offer. Along with an appealing typing interface it offers font formatting; this helps set different headings in your text. You can choose different indentations to assist you in organizing your text. The background texture can be selected from the available templates to suit your mood.

distraction free text processor

Setting your browser to full screen mode will greatly help you type your work peacefully and free from distractions. When you are done you can click on the Save button. When you revisit the app, your different saved drafts will show up at the bottom where you can open them and re-edit them.



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