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Kobo has announced a new eReader which they refer to as “the first social eReader”. The new device, Kobo Vox, will include social features that will integrate mainly with Facebook, but also with Twitter and email. Vox will run Android 2.3 on a 7-inch color touch screen, which is meant to enhance not only your reading experience, but also the social part of it.

The new Vox is actually a tablet, akin to the Kindle Fire, and can be used also for surfing, for checking e-mails, and for downloading apps.

Kobo are putting a strong emphasis on the social features introduced in the new Vox. Using the social program, Reading Life, you’ll be able to share books, pages, and even single passages with your friends, explore social statistics and comments about what you’re reading, get recommendations for new books and see exactly who’s reading the same book as you are.

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On the bottom part of each page, Kobo has placed a “pulse” icon. This icon grows larger as the social activity on this page increases. This way you can know what pages are really popular, and read everything your friends have to say while you’re reading.

What do you think of the social reading idea? Is it just the feature you’ve been waiting for, or will it add unnecessary noise to the reading experience? Let us know.


Source: Kobo Blog

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