Knowledge Graph Gets Explanations As Google Adds Value To Search [Updates]

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In a tiny update, Google has brought another dimension of discovery to its search results. Most don’t know it by name, but the Knowledge Graph has been a part of Google Search now for the past few months. It was introduced as a way to understand the relationships between what we search for and what else is connected to it at a deeper level. We’re seeing little tweaks here and there, but each one is contributing to the way we interact with Google Search.

The Knowledge Graph is another way to broaden your know-how on what you are searching for with recommendations of what other people are searching for along with your query. In the latest update, it is the People also search for section which has got a value boost with the inclusion of explanations. The explanations go into a brief detail of why a specific name, place, thing was added here. This obviously tells you the relationship at a glance instead of you having to research it out yourself.

You just have to mouse over a thumbnail and see the explanation. To begin with, the explanations will cover major co-starring roles between actors, movies, and TV shows as well as highlighting family connections among famous people in the Knowledge Graph.

Google explains it:

Have you ever flipped through the “People also search for” section of the Knowledge Graph panels and wondered — just how are those two people connected anyway? People had fun with our Bacon Number calculator, which revealed some, often surprising, connections, and now we’re taking it one step further.

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Source: Google Inside Search

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Harshal Warkhede

little bit more explanation with example snapshots was expected.


Boni Oloff

“People also search” is like Amazon feature :D
Getting deeper result if you gonna make a serious search, but can also get you to another nonsense information. Because People maybe search something that you don’t wanna know at all.
I haven’t try the feature here, but looks like it will be helpfull for us.


Lisa Santika Onggrid

This often leads me to hours of click-fest from initial intention of five minutes fact-checking. I can start with ‘Linux Mint 13 release date’ and end up with ’10 ways to learn French’. Scary :D

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