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Knowledge Genie is an online publishing platform which lets you organize your knowledge of a certain topic into a dedicated learning portal (Genie) and share it with other people. For each different topic you can create a separate Genie. It doesn’t require technical skills and takes care of the process of building and centralizing the information, sharing it online, building user community and charging users for access.


How it works;

  1. Build your topic. Organize it by chapters, days, sections or modules.
  2. Package contents it into an interactive online learning application (your Genie)
  3. Publish and share your Genie online. Charge users for access.

You can always customize the look of your Genie (text, background colour etc), edit sections and reuse your old Genies to create new Genies. You can sell access to your Genie(s) online through integrated PayPal and Google Checkout payment options.

They offer a free account, which lets you create 1 Genie, store up 15 MB of content and unlimited users. Paid accounts starting from 24$/month and let you build more Genies, more storage and Google/PayPal resale options.



  • Organize your knowledge of a certain topic into a dedicated learning portal (Genie), publish and share it with other people
  • Easily manage documents (presentations, white papers) and videos within your Genie portal
  • Connect your audience with blogs, wiki, online media and social network community.
  • Integrated learning goal management tools – helps users achieve their learning objective.
  • Invite friends and colleagues to review your Genie.
  • Share privately with selected people or with everyone.
  • Monitor individual user usage.
  • Duplicate, edit and reuse your old Genie.
  • All paid accounts can use integrated PayPal and Google Check out options.
  • Sell your Genie(s) on Amazon.
  • 100% of profits and commissions made is kept by you (Genie creator).

Check out KnowledgeGenie @

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