KnowEm: Quick Username Availability Checking

Having the same username across every website you use makes it easy to remember. Moreover you can be recognized by your username on multiple networks without the need to link your accounts. To check for the use of your personal name or username instantly across multiple social media websites check out KnowEm.

It is a free web service lets you search for the availability of a username across more than 340 popular social networking websites with a click of a button.

konwem   KnowEm: Quick Username Availability Checking

To get started all you have to do is enter your desired username in the search box and click “Check it”. KnowEm will then come up with a list of all the social media networks along with the availability of your username. If you wish to sign up simply click on “Available” to jump to the sign up page of any particular website and get registered.

makeuseof   KnowEm: Quick Username Availability Checking

Key Features:

  • Search username availability over multiple websites.
  • Check if your brand/product is being misrepresented over those websites.
  • Registration is optional.
  • 340 very popular websites supported.
  • Provides paid services to companies wishing to have their profile maintained over multiple networks.
  • Similar sites:, Namechk, and UserNameCheck.

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