Know When Storms Are Coming To You With Radar Now! [Android]

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storm tracking radarDespite the world’s advancements in housing, weaponry, and whatever else you can come up with, mother nature is a force that we will always have to keep a respectful eye on. In order to increase your survival rate during natural disasters, or if you just want to see if rain is coming your way, looking at a radar image is one of the best things you can do (even better than trusting the local weatherman!).

Thankfully there are plenty of apps for Android that offer you storm tracking radar images, but most of those are via local stations. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s better if you use a more generic radar app that works anywhere so you know you can still use it during a vacation or other trip.

About Radar Now!

Radar Now! is an app for Android that fits the description above perfectly. It is completely independent of any local station and relies purely on the data from radar stations. There are plenty of features that make the app worthwhile, while I’ll get into shortly. It is also very easy to use for a common user but powerful enough for the hardcore users. In any case, it’s hard to go wrong by using this app.


Radar Now! can be installed by searching for it in the Google Play Store or by following this link. After installation, there is absolutely nothing you need to do besides launch the app. It goes straight to work without needing any input from the user.

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First Launch

storm tracking radar

How does it work without any input from the user? Well when you think about it, the app doesn’t really need any special data besides your current location. It can determine this through your wireless connection, WiFi connection, GPS, or a combination of any. Once it has determined your location, it shows you the storm tracking radar images from the closest radar station.


storm tracking software

There’s plenty you can do with the image the app presents to you. Besides moving around on the map and zooming in and out, you can change the opacities of the different map layers.

storm tracking radar

You shouldn’t feel left out with your personal preferences as the app has many settings you can fiddle around with. This includes but isn’t limited to automatic loops, loop pauses, time format, temperatures, cache options, range rings, and so much more. Honestly, I feel like these settings should satisfy even the most hardcore, professional weather watchers.

Premium Features

There are certain portions of the app that are available to premium users. Those users can enjoy switching between different radar stations than the one the app picked automatically, switch to short wave radars, go into full screen mode, and much more. Getting the premium version costs $2.99 for a one year pass or $4.99 for a two year pass which is pretty cheap. If you’re curious about getting the Premium version, I’d suggest you do it as it’s very inexpensive, unlocks a lot of other cool features, and helps fund the developer(s).


In the end, I highly enjoy using Radar Now! because it gets the job done so I can stay well informed. For the crazier Texas weather that I have to deal with, this app may be a bit more necessary for me than for some of you, but I still recommend it for tracking even the occasional shower.

How closely do you watch the weather? What is your favorite storm tracking radar app? Let us know in the comments!

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Kyem Ghosh

does it give the right prediction? Although I use accuweather app for the same


I guess it depends where it sources its data from. And that may differ for different geographical locations. So it’s hard to generalize. To be sure you’ll have to try and compare for your specific location.

Danny Stieben

RadarNow simply shows past radar images, and not predictions for the future. Therefore, it’s 100% accurate in what it shows so you can see exactly where the storms are and if they’re coming your way.



I also live in Texas so I know exactly what you mean. In regards to the app, I’ve been using it for the past month or so and I love that it’s fast AND easy to use. Glad it’s getting some attention.

Danny Stieben

I’m glad you’re enjoying it, jaybles! I’ve been using it for a good year or two (if I’m not imagining things), and it’s never failed me.


Himanshu Singla

I don think this app is of much use…as one hardly use apps for whether predections…

jocko ja

learn how to spell “weather” dummy

Himanshu Singla

First you learn how to write politely..mistakes can be corrected…

Danny Stieben

Well, this app is aimed more towards seeing where there are currently storms, and less at forecasting. If you want forecasts, RadarNow wouldn’t be the best app.



“this application is not avaible in your country” Slovenia.

seems like i still need to rely on local radars…

Danny Stieben

Aww, I’m sorry to hear it’s not available in Slovenia. Nothing I can do about that. :(



What? No QR code?

Danny Stieben

Sorry! I haven’t had the tendency to include them because no one’s asked for them before! You’re the first! :)

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