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Most of us know only how to tie, at most, 4 types of knots.  But there are actually many other types of knots that can prove useful in different situations. For example, there are separate knots for efficient binding and separate knots for ropes used in climbing. To keep the information of all these different knots with you all the time, check out “Knots Guide.”

Knots Guide is a free smartphone app for Android based devices. Using this app you will get access to 74 different types of knots. All these knots are categorized into 9 different groups: bending, binding, climbing, decorative, fishing, looping, running, stopper, and whipping.


  • Have knot tying instructions  in your Android device.
  • Contains 9 different categories of knots.
  • Contains a total of 74 different types of knots.
  • A great app for scouts and knot-enthusiasts.
  • Similar tool: 2TieATie.

Get “Knots Guide” by searching for it in the Android Marketplace or by visiting


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