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KmlFactBook is a unique site which lets you load data sets from CIA Factbook and WRI Earthtrends into Google Maps and create cool presentations from them. You can view facts such as population of various countries, their GDP, immigration rate and a lot more on Google Maps and on Google Earth. If you would like to view the data offline then you can download it in kml format and open it with the desktop version of Google Earth.

cia world factbook data

It provides various filter and map viewing options. You can visualize data on the map in both 2D and 3D format. In order to use 3D, you would need to install the Google Earth browser plug-in.

Below are screenshots of custom data examples created using KmlFactBook.


cia world factbook database



  • Visualize data from CIA world factbook database on Google Maps.
  • Download Google Earth kml files and use in your projects.
  • View maps in 3D using Google Earth browser plug-in.
  • No registration required to view data.
  • Similar site: FactBook

Check out KmlFactBook @

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