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Website surveys are very useful for webmasters who like to know a little bit more about their visitors. However, too much of these surveys can be very annoying to your readers, which makes them ineffective for what they’re supposed to do. Fortunately, KISSinsights is a simple service that lets you create seamless website feedback surveys online.

website feedback survey

Once you sign up with your e-mail address and password, you can select from more than 20 questions to create your survey question. The set listed in KISSinsights contains the most common survey questions that a web owner would like to ask. Each survey question also feature good choices to boot, so you do not have to think about what questions to ask or what survey options you need to write up.
website feedback survey

You can also configure the website to choose whether to show the survey to all your visitors, or just to your returning visitors. In addition, you can also set a dark or light theme to match your website. Once done, you can just get the embed code and paste it in your website.

KISSinsights is a great tool for people who need to set up a quick survey and receive instant feedback. The free account allows you to run one survey and get up to 30 responses. If you need more juice, you can opt for the paid account ($69/month) that offers unlimited surveys and responses, in addition to customized surveys.

website feedback survey


  • Create short and quick, one-question surveys.
  • Survey questions and choices are already made for you.
  • Free and Paid accounts available.
  • Change the color of your survey poll.
  • Embed the survey on your website.
  • Similar Tools: SIS Survey, Urtak, and Zoomerang.

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