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kings questThere’s nothing better than finding one of your favourite classic games released for free. But to find your favourite classic game newly released for your favourite operating system? That’s just brilliant.

AGD Interactive games have now brought Mac fans one of the best presents ever: Sierra’s “King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human” remade for Mac OS and Windows. Fans have had the pleasure of playing the original King’s Quest III adventure game since the Sierra days, but we can now enjoy the fun with improved graphics, game-play and vocal recordings. Let’s go for a nostalgic trip!

kings quest

Get Kings Quest III Redux

Kings Quest III Redux is free to download from AGD Interactive. This release also features enhanced artwork with hand-painted backgrounds and character dialogue portraits. There’s some brand new side-quests and puzzles for you to try out, involving some brand new characters. The download is 320MB, so you might want to go grab a coffee while you wait for it. You’ll want it anyway, since you’ll be up all night playing the game.

10 Minutes Later…

Game on.

kings quest game


It seems ADG Interactive have worked hard to remake King’s Quest III to smooth out annoyances from the original and make the game even better for players. The cumbersome spell creation process has been replaced, as have many time-based processes which used to leave the player idly waiting around. Some of the more frustrating puzzles have also been re-worked to create a more seamless game experience.

kings quest game

Although ADG Interactive have developed some of the characters and areas, they claim the original purpose and importance of each character has been retained in the remaking.

kings quest game

Although translation packs were available for the original game, they aren’t supported in the remake.

Hotkeys & Useful Things to Know

When you get into the game, there’s a few useful commands and hotkeys that will get you rolling.

Cycles through Hand/Eye/Mouth/Boots for communication, movement and interaction.
Hover at Top Of Screen: This will get you a pop-up menu with Save Functions and other useful tools.
F5: Save
Tab or Ctrl-1/CMD-1: Inventory
F1: Help
F7: Restore Game
CTRL-Q / CMD-Q: Quit Game
Arrow Keys: Manual Walking
CTRL-T / CMD-T: Cycle Voice/Text mode

There’s also a useful PDF included in your download, which could help you understand the game a little.

kings quest 3

Game Synopsis

In Kings Quest III, you play the character of a slave called Gwydion who serves the evil Wizard Manannan. With a landmark birthday approaching and your usefulness to Manannan dwindling, you’re certain Manannan will try to kill you on your birthday. So it’s time to work out how to use the wizard’s spells, explore the world outside and challenge the wizard himself.

kings quest

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What do you think of King’s Quest III Redux? Is it just as addictive as the original or not?

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