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KindleFeeder is a cool online Kindle app that can aggregate your favorite feeds, convert them into easy-to-navigate format and deliver wirelessly onto your Kindle device at scheduled times for free.

The process is straightforward, after registering start adding your feeds and set the time for when you want feeds to be delivered. That’s it. After that you should be getting added feeds on your Kindle device on a daily basis.

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KindleFeeder also allows you to copy and paste chunk of text into provided online form and have it delivered to your device as well.

The service is completely free and you do not have to pay any subscription fees for it in the Kindle store. Check it out.


  • Get favorite feeds on your Kindle device for free.
  • You can easily send simple text pargarpahs as well.
  • Add up to 30 RSS feeds from blogs, magazines and whatever you can find online.
  • Completely free (no subscription fees).

Check out KindleFeeder @

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