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Following the exciting release of some new Kindle models Amazon's New Kindle Fire HDs: All You Need To Know [Updates] Amazon's New Kindle Fire HDs: All You Need To Know [Updates] The Internet has been abuzz with all things Amazon. Specifically, all things Kindle. Amazon recently had a giant media event where they went wild and crazy announcing all kinds of new hardware. If you did... Read More , Amazon is releasing an update for its Mac app – perhaps not as exciting, but still rather useful. The new version adds gesture support for Lion, support for Amazon’s new Kindle 8 format, and even adds a brand new language support to the interface. So what exactly can you expect?

Kindle 1.10.3 for Mac can now work better with bigger libraries and with books that have lots of notes and highlights. If you’re running Mac OS 10.7 and upwards, you can also enjoy the new gesture support. This means you can now swipe and pan through the books, and enjoy many useful gestures which will make reading and browsing through books easier and more intuitive.

Amazon’s new format – Kindle 8 – is now also supported, which brings richer formatting to Kindle books on your Mac. Kindle 8 brings HTML5 support, as well as support for pop-up texts, embedded fonts, nested tables and many other new formatting features. On top of these, you can also expect the general “bug fixes and performance enhancers” that are part of almost every update. Last but not least, the new version of Kindle for Mac is now available in Japanese, which is good news for Kindle lovers in Japan.

Download the new version of Kindle for Mac for free from the App Store.

Source: Engadget


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