Kindle For PC Proves That You Don’t Need A Kindle To Enjoy Books From Amazon

kindle for pc intro   Kindle For PC Proves That You Don’t Need A Kindle To Enjoy Books From AmazonBeing the voracious reader that I am, a library was always a small hillock to conquer. Thanks to the eBook revolution that has swept over us now, we now have peaks to scale. One of them just happens to go by the name of a jungle – Amazon. Or to be more specific, the Kindle Store. The Kindle Store is heaven sent for us bookworms. I am not even talking about paying a dime here because there are absolutely legal ways to download free books from the Kindle Store.

Did you know that there are more than 50 websites that tell you all about the availability of free books on Kindle? From the known Project Gutenberg to the well recommended Hundred Zeros and Pixel of Ink. Then there’s the horse’s mouth too which tells you all about the Top 100 free books on Kindle. Subscribe to their feeds to stay in the know.

But I don’t want to buy a Kindle

You don’t have to. It’s Christmas and someone might gift you one. I am kidding, because with the range of free reading apps from Kindle, you don’t really have to make anyone plonk down $100 or more. The free Kindle reading apps cover the gamut – from smartphones and computers to tablets. My friend Ryan should you how to use the Kindle Cloud Reader which is entirely on the browser. Just a few months back, Yaara gave you a quick peek into ways to enjoy books without an eReader. She hinted at the Kindle desktop app for Windows and Mac. It’s the free Kindle reading app for Windows (available for both 7 and 8) that I will be looking at here.

Get started with a free Amazon account

After quickly installing the 32 MB sized download package, all you need is register the eReader with your Amazon account. Even if you don’t have one, you can create a new one straight from the first screen.

kindle for pc 01   Kindle For PC Proves That You Don’t Need A Kindle To Enjoy Books From Amazon

In a flash, Kindle for PC will sync all your purchased or freely downloaded books. You may use any Kindle reading app across the devices you own; your books and collections are all kept synchronized. Amazon Kindle uses Whispersync technology to automatically sync your books across apps and this gives you a seamless reading experience as you jump from the Kindle reader to the PC or to the Android smartphone.

Reading with Kindle for PC

kindle for pc 02   Kindle For PC Proves That You Don’t Need A Kindle To Enjoy Books From Amazon

Kindle for PC mirrors most of the features you will find on any other version of the Kindle. On first use you may have to download the books and other elements like the dictionary, but it all happens in a jiffy. If you have loads of books, it’s always better to arrange them in collections. As you can see in the screen below, organizing collections is a simple matter of right clicking the book thumbnail and creating a new collection or adding to an existing one.

kindle for pc 03   Kindle For PC Proves That You Don’t Need A Kindle To Enjoy Books From Amazon

You can jump to a bookmarked page, or a specific location from the options on the right-click menu. The right-click menu also gives you the shortcut to view any notes you might have saved for reference. Remember, all bookmarks, annotations, and notes are also synced across all your installs of Kindle thanks to Whispersync. The last page read is automatically saved and synced. You can also refer to the page numbers that correspond to a book’s print edition page numbers to easily cite passages.

Adding highlights and notes is something we usually do during the course of our reading. It’s very smooth – click on a passage to add highlights, and also if you wish to append a note.

kindle for pc 04   Kindle For PC Proves That You Don’t Need A Kindle To Enjoy Books From Amazon

All you notes, highlights, and also bookmarks are viewable on the left pane. A note icon is also visible on the text body which you can click to expand the note.

kindle for pc 05   Kindle For PC Proves That You Don’t Need A Kindle To Enjoy Books From Amazon

A right-click on a relevant work can also bring up the dictionary meaning, and a few other tools like a link to Shelfari and reference information on the book. It could include extras like character sketches, quotes, Dewey classification, reading level of the book and other supplemental material. You can also use the Wikipedia link to get a quick page of information.

kindle for pc 06   Kindle For PC Proves That You Don’t Need A Kindle To Enjoy Books From Amazon

These extra tools do not interrupt your flow and help to give you more context around your reading.

Personalize your book

The Kindle App for PC allows you to personalize your reading experience. For instance, I generally prefer to read my books in the full-screen view. Sometimes I switch on multi-column to do a bit of speed reading or if the material really demands it.

kindle for pc 07   Kindle For PC Proves That You Don’t Need A Kindle To Enjoy Books From Amazon

The Options window allows for a few customizations as you can see in the screenshot. What’s always nice to play around with are the three color modes available.

You can’t cuddle up with a book but…

You can do so much more apart from cuddling up under the blanket with a good book. The Kindle for PC application gives you an unified interface for all your books. If you are nitpicky, you can arrange them in collections and use notes to record useful information. Best of all, it is synced across all your devices, so reading a book on your Android wouldn’t require you to thumb through the last read page. Kindle for PC has found a place on our Best Windows Software page. Has it, or will it find a place on your PC?

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One of the features I like about Kindle-for-PC is that you can copy passages directly from your book, and if you paste them into a document (such as Word) the text which was copied is inserted, along with the citation information, for a footnote, reference, or bibliography.

Not sure if it is formatted specifically for a standard (like APA or other academic format) but its a starting point.

Arxadius Stark

I’m not a huge fan of eBooks but this does look interesting. Might give it a try. c:

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Other alternative for one stop ebook needs-Calibre.

Saikat Basu

Absolutely. We have an entire guide on Calibre as well.

Venkateswara Swamy Swarna

I did install it a few weeks ago and had to format the PC and so had to reinstall the Kindle Reader for PC again. The few books that were there did show up again. Reading a book on a good LCD monitor is quite a pleasant experience though we miss the experience of holding a book in hand and flipping the page. For that, one should install the Kindle app on one’s tablet – again free…

Saikat Basu

Very true, but as I find, availability and accessibility of ebooks is more than its hard bound sibling.

Venkateswara Swamy Swarna

Yes. Before the ebooks became so popular (thanks mainly due to Kindle and similar readers), authors had to depend either on a publisher willing to take the risk or spend a lot of money in self publishing. ebooks have made self publishing accessible to many more authors.

The hassle of maintaining a library of paper books (hard bound or paperbacks) is another factor that makes the ebook so attractive. In my case, this is the main factor that made me switch from printed book to ebook format (I also have many in .pdf format too). Thanks for the discussion.

Junil Maharjan

I have been using the kindle app on my pc, my android phone and tablet. it is a great way to have a read.

Thomas Petrucha

I love to read on my kindle or my Sony RT-2, but on my Pc-Screen I hate reading … ok for news or something it´s ok but for a good story … nope.
Maybe interesting for some professional or technical literature … but there I´m a purist and prefer the “hard” book in front of my monitor ;)
… with a lot of colorful bookmark-stripes ;)

Saikat Basu

No…I also won’t recommend it (or reading on the monitor for that matter) for reading a good story. Instructional books and technical books are okay.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Exactly. Readin on screen isn’t comfortable. The only reason I haven’t embrace ebook so much.

Raman Bathina

Its awesome and the simulation concept is spread over the internet.Thanks for posting.We expect more from you.

Mac Witty

This is great. When will we see Apple do the same with their ebooks? (I am a Mac, iPad and Iphone user, this is not an anti Apple post)

Paul Girardin

I have this on my PC and Android tablet! Nice for reading up on something quickly on the go or while working on the computer

Lisa Santika Onggrid

It’s limited compared to Calibre, but has more elegant GUI. Regardless, I’m not comfortable reading anything longer than an article on a big screen. That’s the reason ebook reader is around.

Saikat Basu

Calibre brings far more to the table. The main usage for the Kindle is I try to get and manage all the free ebooks that get showcased on Amazon from time to time. I can sync them across to my Android tablet and phone and read them on the move.


I hate when they say : Sorry Fawad , but kindle for PC is not available in Afghanistan. Hopefully they make it available here as well.

Saikat Basu

Yes, we suffer a lot in Asia, don’t we :)

Jun Gr.

Does the windows version support PRC Files as Android ver ?

Saikat Basu

Though I haven’t tried it myself, the Kindle for PC application reads regular prc files that are without DRM.

ice manx

I personally hate it…. I want to be able to download the PDF to my own hard drive and read it when ever and where ever I want and not be restricted to this kindle crap

sorry but been bitten and never going back