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Children enjoy handling iOS devices. But if you are about to let your child use your iOS device, it would be best if you let them use an educational app. Searching for educational apps on the iTunes store is not that straightforward. A tool dedicated for this purpose alone is called KinderTown.

app store for education

KinderTown is a free iOS application that serves as an app store for other educational iOS apps. Sized at 3.3 MB and compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad, KinderTown requires your device to run iOS version 4.1 or later. With the app installed, you can begin discovering all sorts of educational iOS apps for children.

The procedure to look for an app is first to specify your iOS device, then the age of your child, and then the subject you want the app to focus on.


Your search results are populated and displayed. You can click on a result to view the details of that application.



  • A user-friendly phone app.
  • Compatible with iOS devices.
  • Helps look for educational iOS apps for children.
  • Lets you search for apps by specifying device, child’s age, and subjects for app to focus on.

Check out KinderTown @

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