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ninjaHeadIt looks like it is time for another awesome Flash game. I last covered Raft Wars here, but some of you said you wanted something a little more action packed and here it is!

I always like to warn the readers to beware of the time that it will kill. Once you start playing there will be no stopping you. After all we all love to play a Ninja game right?

Well I love Ninja games and when I get some spare time I go looking for a new and interesting ninja game. Maybe it was growing up with Batman who was trained by the Ninja or maybe it was all those years of dressing up as a Ninja (sometimes for Halloween and sometimes not!). Either way I am a big fan!

Today I came across a game called Final Ninja which you can get to by clicking on this link. Final Ninja is a side scrolling Ninja action game. It is a fast paced game that involves a lot of jumping, shooting and other Ninja like activities.

If you like to play Ninja games and the old school game Ninja Gaiden then you will love this. There is wall bouncing, enemy killing action. And don’t forget the great Kung-Fu like story line”¦

play a Ninja game


Lets take a look at how to play before we jump into it and get sliced up. By clicking on Help, you will be walked through the instructions:

play a Ninja game

The arrow keys Up, Down, Left and Right can be used to move or the more popular W, A , S, D can be used instead. A and D will help you run left and right and W will make your Ninja jump straight up.

play a Ninja game online

You use your mouse to shoot ninja stars by pointing and clicking. You can hold down the mouse button to launch a grappling hook that you can climb or swing on.

ninja fighting games

You use the normal directional keys to move up and down or left and right on the rope. Moving left or right will cause you to swing. This is very handy in some situations which you shall see as you play the game.

ninja fighting games

The next instructional screen shows you that you will automatically jump up when you get to the top of your rope. You can also manipulate the ninja to move left or right while jumping (with the arrow keys). Alright, alright, enough with the training let’s go kick some serious butt – ninja style.

Click on Play to start the game. You will see the following screen that allows you to choose your board. In the beginning you will only have one choice – obviously board one!

ninja fighting games

Click on 01 and the game will begin. We will watch the introduction tell us about Takeshi and Akuma. We watch as our Ninja embarks on his final mission ; hence the name Final Ninja! We see our hero crouching down in our first scene as you can see below:


The buttons on the top right hand side of the screen are for help, pause, music (on or off) and Sound Effects (on or off). Start off by holding down the right arrow to move along and hit those question mark clouds. They will go over how to play and get you to test out firing your rope and throwing in old kung fu quotes like I move through the air like a deadly sparrow of death. Sparrow of death?

Ok”¦ Let’s keep it moving!


Move the mouse up towards the top right hand side of the screen and it will start to scroll with you as you find the “This Way” sign. Go ahead and click on it and hold down the mouse.


Move the mouse from left to right to build momentum and then release, click and hold on the next this way sign to move along to our goal. You will pick up money along the way and you will hold down the up arrow to jump. The harder you hold it down the higher you will go. Follow your ninja instructions and may the force be with you. Oh wait that’s Star Wars”¦.uhhh may the ninja star be with you.

Enjoy and if you have a favorite online free game; please share it with us!

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  1. mike
    March 29, 2010 at 1:34 am

    really like the idea and the game