KidsMealDeals: Find Restaurants With Kids Specials

Do you eat out a lot with your family? Here is something you check out. The KidsMealDeals website allows people to find local restaurants with kids specials. Whenever families go out to a restaurant or buffet, it’s always a shame that kids have to pay the same price as adults, especially since they eat a lot less.

kidsmealdeals2   KidsMealDeals: Find Restaurants With Kids Specials

Although it’s still a rather small website and does not yet have huge selection of restaurants available, it’s still a useful place to check if there are any special deals for kids in the nearby restaurants. Just type in your zip code, and the KidsMealDeals will check if there are any restaurants out there offering free kids meals or kids meals at a discount.

kidsmealdeals   KidsMealDeals: Find Restaurants With Kids Specials


  • Find a restaurants with “kids eat free” or half price specials.
  • Search for restaurnats by zip code.
  • Search by different days of the week
  • Narrow search results by distance(ex. 5 miles, 10 miles, 15 miles, and 30 miles)
  • See exactly how far away a restaurant is from your location
  • Get information about a restaurant incl. its phone number and location on Google Maps

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