Kids: Past Vs. Internet Generation

Back in the day, kids played outdoors. Now, children are 6 times more inclined to stay indoors and play video games. Have you slept with your phone in bed? Well, apparently 83% of Gen Y kids have slept with their smartphones — yes, they’re that attached. For an interesting look at how Baby Boomers, and Generation X, Y and Z kids differ in terms of how they consume news, media, and overall intelligence, take a look at this revealing infograph.

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kids   Kids: Past Vs. Internet Generation

via Hostgator

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It would be interesting to include figures for war babies in this too. Take it back 4 or 5 years to just before Pearl Harbor.


If 76% of boomers chose newspaper as their main news source, how can the percentages for the other mediums be so high? The total is over 100%. Or am I just reading it wrong?


I think it asked if people were using that medium as a news source, but asking for each medium individually.


Then it should just say News Sources or something along those lines. Main should be removed. That implies the one used the most and would mean the numbers should equal 100%.


You’re confusing intelligence with education. A degree is hardly a sign of intelligence. Especially in watered down education systems.