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Being a parent in the age of the Internet and social media brings a new set of challenges not experienced by those who came before us, and while using the Internet is a powerful educational tool, you also need to be confident enough to protect your children from its dangers. Kido’z is a media-rich browser for kids that can be both used as an educational tool while providing powerful parental controls.

This Adobe Air app also goes beyond the usual kiddie-browser by creating a safe environment for your children, integrated with pre-loaded websites, videos, virtual places, and even an intuitive e-mail client.

internet browser for kids

Kido’z provides a fence for children to play around the Internet without parents worrying that they might stumble into something unsafe. Users can browse the kid-friendly interface with ready-made moderated content. You can also go in and create your own whitelist of websites if you find the default list to be too basic for your child.

Kido’z also lets you create time restrictions, lock the browser to the desktop on startup, set up email accounts, and a lot more. They also offer a fully functional 7-day trial, after which you can choose between a monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription. This app definitely shows that a child-friendly browser is serious business.



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