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While the internet has brought us unimpeded access to various forms of media, it doesn’t necessarily follow that all of its contents are suitable for all users, especially for children. There are only a few websites that can be used exclusively by kids. One example is Kideos. This website compiles appropriate videos from YouTube that children can watch and enjoy.
kid friendly videos

The videos in the site are classified according to age groups: 0-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 9-10. You can also find videos using the search tool. Although the site pulls videos from other sources such as YouTube, you have the option of removing links to ensure that your children will not accidentally visit another site. Also, creating an account lets you bookmark videos and create a video playlist.

kid friendly videos

The roster of videos in Kideos is well thought out. Aside from the usual cartoons and jingles, kids can also watch educational videos appropriate for their age. For example, kids can learn how jellybeans are made, or how lead batteries work, or watch a tour of the International Space Station. All videos are reviewed by Kideos’ Video Advisory Council, which is a select group of parents and educators, with the goal of finding videos online that are thoroughly entertaining for kids and worry-free for parents.

kid friendly videos


  • Watch videos that are appropriate for kids.
  • Videos are classified according to age groups.
  • Remove links to other sites so your children will not accidentally visit them.
  • Bookmark videos to create video playlists.
  • Share the videos to Facebook and other social networks.
  • Kid-friendly website layout.
  • Download the free iPhone app.
  • Similar Tools: Kidio and TotLol.

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