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Crowd-funding website Kickstarter is going for an even better experience by launching a new feature called Video Mode. Video Mode is designed to let users discover new products in full screen by watching the slew of video pitches uploaded to the service.

Kickstarter has over 75,000 videos uploaded at this point, so there is plenty of content available to watch. The videos on Kickstarter range from simple and informative to incredibly comical, but no matter how you look at it, videos are the most informative part of any Kickstarter product pitch. The different techniques chosen by creators of various projects can make for some serious entertainment, and it looks like Kickstarter is trying to leverage that with the introduction of Video Mode.

When watching videos in the new Video Mode, you can click “Explore Project” to go to the project’s standard Web view and learn more about it. If you are not interested in this specific project, clicking “Something Different” will bring up a video from another project.

This move could be beneficial to project creators as well, as it encourages viewers of the website to browse around more and spend time checking out projects that might be out of their typical comfort zone. Time will tell if this actually causes a serious stir in the way users browse Kickstarter, but it certainly has the potential to shake things up a bit.

To start watching Kickstarter’s Video mode, go to, and start discovering.


Will you use the new video mode to check out projects on Kickstarter?

Source: Kickstarter

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