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Due to their slow transfer speeds and downtimes, online file hosts are not the best way to share files with friends. A better alternative that offers a more secure file transfer as well as better speeds is Kicksend.

send files to friends

Kicksend is a web service that lets you send files to friends in a very simple way. You can start by downloading one of Kicksend’s clients for your desktop or smartphone; if you like, you can choose the web interface as well. Next you start adding friends by their email addresses. Whenever you need to send a file to a friend, you can drag it into the Kicksend interface and drop it on a friend’s email address.

Friends receive an email notification when their files are ready. To send files to multiple friends, create email groups and drop files on them. By providing a user-friendly interface and support for multiple platforms, Kicksend qualifies as an excellent online file sharing solution.

To sign up for Kicksend, you will first need to request an access code by providing the site with your email address.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you share files with friends online.
  • Offers a browser interface as well as clients for desktop and smartphones.
  • Notifies friends via email when their files are ready.
  • Lets you send files to multiple people simultaneously.

Check out Kicksend @

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