Kick-Ass Wallpapers

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That’s not another list of lame landscape wallpapers but truly unique design pieces that you won’t see elsewhere. I have listed my top 10 kick-ass wallpaper picks and also provided info on where you can get more of similar stuff.

Source 1: Wallpapr – wallpaper search engine (built on top of Flickr.)
possible search terms: graffiti, technology, abstract…

wallpaper 1   Kick Ass Wallpapers wallpaper 2   Kick Ass Wallpapers

wallpaper 3   Kick Ass Wallpapers wallpapers 4   Kick Ass Wallpapers

Source 2: ATI Radeon, NVidia wallpapers and nvidia gelato
Here you’ll find around 50 high quality kick-ass wallpapers

radeon wallpapers   Kick Ass Wallpapers nvidia   Kick Ass Wallpapers

Source 3: BestGameWallpapers – animated wallpapers from 100s of popular video games

command conquer   Kick Ass Wallpapers mummy   Kick Ass Wallpapersscarface   Kick Ass Wallpapers
the unsung war   Kick Ass Wallpapers

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No really my style… The only good one is properly the ace combat 5 :-)


Hi Bart
try searching wallpapr(source1) using your own keywords, lots of good stuff there…


Should make this site easly accessable!


Still searching your site mate…..Alright


I am working on a new makeuseof design, it should make navigation much easier. It’ll be out in less than a week.


Check out

EXCELLENT WALLPAPERS of every screen res you want!


liked the dice one

travis comer

man all these fukin shits suk man wat a waste of time

travis comer

man wat a waste of time