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There are numerous websites that offer editing services for a fee. But a new web service called Kibin is offering document editing by real people for free.


Kibin is a free to use web service that lets people edit other peoples documents and get their own documents edited in return. The site is basically a community of people helping each other out when it comes to document editing. Each edited document is proofread by the Kibin staff for quality. People who earn enough credits by editing others’ documents can have their own documents edited for free. The site also offers quality editing for $0.01 per word and at other rates.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you have your documents edited for free by real people.
  • You can start editing others’ documents.
  • The site staff proofreads each edited document to ensure quality.
  • Similar tools: Shutterborg, Notapipe and Revizr.

Check out Kibin @

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