KeyXL: Keyboard Shortcuts for any App

If you are a heavy computer user or a heavy user of some particular program than most likely you are using keyboard shortcuts to perform some of the program’s repetitive functions. A keyboard short cut is a key (or combination of keys) that performs a function within a software program. Usually this same function can be performed using the mouse but the advantage of keyboard shortcuts is that the hand does not need to leave the keyboard. The common example is when you use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste content, which are used by most computer users out there.

But if you want a list of most useful shortcuts for a particular program in one place, check out KeyXL.

   KeyXL: Keyboard Shortcuts for any App

It provides a huge database of keyboard shortcuts both for web and desktop applications. Simply search for your program from the search field or browse apps by category – Microsoft apps, Adobe apps, Google Apps, Web Browsers, Email programs, Photo/Imaging etc. You can then sort results by Platform and application. Click on the relevant application to get the list of keyboard shortcuts for that app.

27   KeyXL: Keyboard Shortcuts for any App

  • Huge database of keyboard shortcuts for web and desktop applications
  • All the useful shortcuts for any application in one place
  • Search for shortcuts by program type (Windows, Mac, web-based, etc.) and category (Browser/Internet, Business/Productivity, Communication, Email, Graphics, and more…)
  • Filter application results by Platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Web apps)
  • Navigate shortcuts by tags (browser, gmail, firefox, etc).
  • Add KeyXL search as a search option to Firefox search bar.
  • Can’t find shortcuts for your program? Request shortcut list
  • Submit shortcut list

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