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If you’ve got a bunch of loyalty cards from different stores then you’ll know that carrying them around all the time isn’t fun. But if you don’t do it, you might miss out on some good deals.

Key Ring is an innovative iPhone/Android application that aims to address this concern. It creates a digital copy of all your loyalty cards and stores them on your iPhone or Android based phone (it has separate apps for both of them). Retailers can scan the barcodes right from your cellphone screen, thus sparing you the hassle of carrying the cards.

store loyalty cards on iphone

loyalty cards on iphone

The app uses bar code scanner technology to store your cards. It also has what it calls the CardGuard for remote data backup of all the information related to your cards. It also helps to restore the information on a new cellphone. And the best part – all this is available for the right price – $0.


  • iPhone and Android app for storing your loyalty cards digitally.
  • Uses bar code scanner technology.
  • Retailers can scan your cards from your phone.
  • CardGuard backs up the cards and restores them on a new device.
  • Similar tool:  Justonceclubcard.

Check out Key Ring@

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  1. Asdf
    September 15, 2010 at 2:22 am

    The biggest reason I got this app was so retailers could scan right from the phone. Unfortunately, this has not worked with any of the stores (10) that I frequent, including Best Buy, on a Droid 1.