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Keyboard hotkey shortcuts let us perform tasks without having to reach for our mouse. Like me, most people prefer hotkeys and use them every day. If you are looking for a database where you can find Mac hotkey shortcuts for your most used functions, Keyonary is where your search ends.

mac shortcut finder

Keyonary is a free to use mac shortcut finder that lists system shortcuts for Apple Mac users. The homepage includes a search bar where we can enter our function.

Suppose we enter opacity, this is the result we obtain.

mac shortcut finder

Similarly we can add other functions to find out their shortcuts. The “Favorite“ button lists the most popular shortcuts; the “Glyphs“ button lets us search for hotkeys via symbols.

Hotkey shortcuts for other programs and operating systems are being added; a list of them can be viewed by clicking on the “ADDED“ button at the top right of the site.

mac shortcut finder


Check out Keyonary @

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