KeyDb – A Portable Password Manager

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lock ss I am a big fan of password managers, because I never remember my passwords. The reason I don’t remember them is that I always want them to be very strong passwords that can’t be easily hacked or figured out. Also, I never read Damien’s article, How To Create Strong Passwords That You Can Remember Easily.

Some of the features of great password managers are encryption and portability. You want your password manager to be encrypted, because that extra security can be necessary. Portability is also important, because what good is a password manager if you can’t use it everywhere? I travel a decent amount and use many different computers, so I want to always have my passwords with me.  Guessing for half an hour is never a good use of your time.

Enter KeyDb, a portable password manager.

KeyDb comes in and provides all of these features to you in a very simple and light weight program.


There is none!  KeyDb is just a 1.14 MB executable.  I wouldn’t have called it portable if it wasn’t.  This small size makes it extremely easy to take it anywhere even on your old flash drive.

Creating a Password File

KeyDb keeps your passwords in different files. You can have them all in one file or create multiple files for multiple users or purposes. Just click on the file menu and create a new password file to get started. The following window will pop up.

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keydb create

Once your password file is set up, start adding those passwords.

Adding Passwords

All you need to do is click on the plus symbol at the top left of the software window.  This will launch a window that will allow you to input your password information.

usb password manager

The software comes with a few default categories, but you can add as many as you want to keep your passwords organized.  Also, you can use the password generator to generate a very solid password if you like.

Web URLs can be used, and KeyDb can launch your default browser to go to that website, so you can quickly input your password. Notes can also be added to give you more information about the site or whatever you see fit.

Finished Product

Once you upload all of your passwords, your KeyDb will look similar to the following.

keydb ss

You can filter and sort your passwords to easily get to what you are looking for.

KeyDb performs as advertised.  It is dead simple and takes no time at all to get going. Also, the size (1.14 MB) and the 256 bit encryption rounds out the package.

What do you use for your password manager? Are you familiare with any other good portable password manager?

Photo Credit : Mirko Macari

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