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Google, being Google, comes up with new features about three times a week, but not all features are created equal. This week, Google’s come up with one of the neatest features we’ve seen in a while: Handwrite. The new Handwrite feature lets you search Google on your mobile or tablet by writing the letters anywhere on the screen using your finger, without having to use the keyboard at all.

With smartphones and tablets getting ever more popular, many of us don’t have the patience to wait for the right time to search – we want to search Google NOW. Be it on the bus, in the street or while watching TV, most of us will pull out the phone and start searching the moment we think about it. Using the keyboard, especially on smartphones, is not always that easy, and this is where the new Handwrite feature becomes really useful.

To enable it, go to on your mobile browser and access the search settings. On a smartphone, this will be a link at the bottom of the page; for tablets, tap on the cogwheel on the top right and choose “Search settings” from the menu. In the settings, find “Handwrite” and tap on “Enable”. Now, when you want to use handwriting, tap on the handwritten “g” at the bottom and start writing anywhere on the screen.

Google’s autocomplete features work just as well with handwriting, and you’ll be able to start writing a word and have Google complete it for you. To use the keyboard again, just tap on the search box.


Where will you make use of Google Handwrite?

Source: Google Blog

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