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A certain starship captain once noted that “a meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted.” If you find yourself wondering what, if anything, happened at all the meetings you went to in the past week, consider Ketchup. This (currently) free web program allows you to write down who you met, what was discussed and”“perhaps most crucially”“what was decided. You can then share this with everyone in your company, assuming they have accounts.

track meetings

You may be wondering what benefit a site like this gives over traditional minutes. It’s essentially the same concept, only online and with a social networking component. Your mileage certainly may vary, but if you’re looking to move your minutes to the web this tool might work for you.

The site is currently in a completely free testing stage, and will adopt a freemium structure later this year”“that is to say, basic features will be free but others will require payment.

track meetings


  • Keep track of what happens during your meetings.
  • Share summaries with colleagues.
  • Currently completely free, will adapt freemium structure later.

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