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Creating a photo album for your friend’s next birthday can be a great way to pleasantly surprise them. With the help of Keepsy, you can team up with other friends and create a great photo album for somebody’s upcoming birthday.

birthday photo albums

Keepsy is a free online service that lets you create birthday albums for friends. You start by connecting your Facebook account with Keepsy. Your Facebook friends are imported and you select the one for whom the album is going to be for. Next you invite other Facebook friends to create a page in the photo album. Pages are created using photographs and the available art on Keepsy.

personalized birthday photo albums

When the album is done, you can share it with all your Facebook friends who can then share it with their friends. Thanks to the personalized message on each page and the photo strip located below each album, it is clear which friend made which page. Under the album you can leave comments and read what others have said.

NOTE: For a fee, US citizens can get their Keepsy albums printed and shipped to them.



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