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If you use social services like Twitter or Facebook, you most probably have a separate app for every service to check your feed and keep up with updates. Now you can check updates from all of these services from within a single app called KeepApp. It unifies these social networks into a single timeline and currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare.

First, download and install the app to your Android device. Launch the app and authorize the app to sign in to the social services you use by providing your credentials. Once signed in you will see the latest updates for all the signed in services from the “All” tab. To view updates for each separate service click on the respective tab of each service – Facebook, Twitter etc.

The app supports offline mode for the services, meaning you can browse the old feeds even when there is no connection. You can manually get updates for each service tab using the familiar pull-to-refresh gesture as you do with other apps.

The app, however, is not without its shortcomings. In Facebook you can see likes and comments, can post on your wall but you can’t like posts or reply to posts. On the Instagram tab you can add posts to favorites, view likes and comments. The Twitter tab shows you your Twitter timeline and even supports push notifications for latest tweets.



  • View updates from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare from a single place.
  • Supports push notifications for Twitter.
  • Save images from every service to your SD card.
  • Supports offline mode for all services.
  • Related tools – Pulsefeed, Streamified.

Check out KeepApp @  (via Addictive Tips)

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