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Completely cluttering up your desktop, it happens to the best of us. If you’re working hard, you don’t always have the time to remain working in an orderly fashion. You loose yourself in your concentration, an end up with an endless pile of open windows.

Not only can this be immensely system intensive, but you can also loose yourself in your own mess at the worst of times.

Luckily, instead of spending time tidying everything up ourselves, we’re able to put our systems to work. We can use software to enhance the way we work with windows, and thereby prevent this mess from the very start.


PowerRisizer brings many of the popular Windows 7 interface controls to your computer. You can instantly maximize or accurately position windows in vertical or horizontal half-screens, by dragging them against the edges of your screen.

There have been some other pieces of software that ported these functions, but PowerResizer easily outranks them. What’s so special about PowerResizer is that it gives you the tools to create a perfectly dynamical desktop. This means that when you resize a window in PowerResizer, the neighbouring windows automatically readjust themselves in relation to it.


You can see the original desktop in the screenshot above, and a working example of PowerResizer’s dynamic relations in the screenshot below. After lowering the height of the MS Excel document at the bottom of the screen, the two other visible windows instantly stretch out to cover the lost space.

Apart from buying an additional computer monitor, this is the best thinkable tool to regain an overview when working with multiple pieces of software at one.


Remember how you liked Firefox’s tabs? Then you certainly will love this. RadTab takes tabs outside of firefox, and applies it on desktop management.

With RadTab running, you can run different pieces of software in a single, tabbed window.

Adding and removing programs to the window is pretty easy, with a simple right-click menu. Choose which applications to go in which windows, and create categoric windows.

Officially, RadTab is released for Windows XP only. You can run it on Vista and 7 in compatibility mode, although it takes slightly longer to react and doesn’t blend in too well with the default skin (view screenshot above).

Ultimately, you might combine PowerResizer and RadTab, to have an everything-at-hand dynamic desktop.

Do you have any other tips to keep your windows from cluttering up your desktop? Perhaps another piece of free software that we missed? Surprise us, and leave your comment below!

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