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Slow, cluttered up, lots of dangling shortcuts, invalid registry entries, long startup times, these are all common problems for Windows users. Keeping track of everything and performing maintenance tasks can get cumbersome sometimes but not if you use “Glary Utilities”.

Glary Utilities presents you with a bundle of tools to take care of these common problems and makes system maintenance a breeze! It’s an approx 6MB file which you can download from here. Install and fire it up and you get a host of utilities that help you take care of the most common problems.

The area to take notice of is the “1-Click Maintenance”, hit ‘scan for issues’ and the software will scan for issues like invalid registry keys, dangling shortcuts, temporary files to be deleted, spyware and startup. Once the scan is complete (it’s fast, I didn’t expect so when I started the scan), it displays a summary of the issues, you can click on each of them to get the detailed reports and finally hit “Repair problems” and then bid them adieu!

one click management

If “1-Click Maintenance” is not what you are looking for, or you need to go in depth and analyze and repair the system yourself then Glary Utilities offers you a set of 18 utilities that you can use to maintain a healthy computer or perform certain other functions.

The utilities range from startup manager to process explorer to disk analysis to customizing the context menus to file encrypter to a file splitter and joiner. A set of very handy utilities to perform the common maintenance tasks and much more.


The Clean Up and Repair Module


It lets you clean up the clutter from your disk and registry, It also has a utility to find invalid shortcuts and an uninstall manager.

The Optimize and Improve Module


Using this module you can analyze and manage startup and the memory of your system and you may also set limits at which RAM will be recovered so that the performance of your computer stays optimum. This module also includes a Context Menu Manager that lets you manage the Right Click Menu of files and folders and the “Right Click > Menu” and the “Send To” Menu.

The Files and Folders Module

files and folder module

This module gives you access to a Disk Analysis tool which analyses the partition you choose and gives back you the percentage of the space used by each folder. It even classifies the amount of disk space used according to file types and gives you a list of files on your hard disk in descending order of their respective sizes. You can also search for duplicate files and empty folders on your hard drive. The files and folder module includes a file splitter and joiner utility as well.


The Privacy and Security Module


You can encrypt files using Encrypt and Decrypt Utilities, Shred files, delete internet history, cookies and all traces and recover deleted files using the file undelete utility.

The System Tools Module

system tools

Process Manager: Shows the currently running processes with a security rating for each, you can block processes from here and even Google the suspicious entries

Internet Explorer Assistant: Helps you baby sit Internet Explorer! It lists all the Browser helper objects, toolbars, custom buttons that are associated with your installation of IE. It gives you essential information like Hijack This and lets you manage IE Hijack from within the Assistant

Windows Standard Tools: Allows you to access Windows tools like Defragmenter, System Restore etc

Do you prefer to use all in one solutions or do you use separate programs for each task? Which ones do you like the best?

Varun Kashyap – Programmer, Blogger and Tech enthusiast, who likes to mantain and keep his system working nice! He blogs about tips, tricks, tutorials, latest on the web on his TechCrazy Blog

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