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upcoming releasesIt’s a lot easier to pin down specifics about a product when it’s already out there. The Internet makes it incredibly easy to find dependable ratings and reviews for movies, music, games and literature, and consumer reviews are available for most popular consumer technology.

Finding information about upcoming releases is a wee bit harder to do. Sure, you can browse various websites and magazines, but in the months leading up to an eventual release, this adds up to a lot of reading and a lot of work figuring out fact from speculation.

This may be an option for a product you’re especially psyched about, but the majority of interesting products slip through the mazes of the net. Instead you can use a tool that intends to aggregate these various pieces of information – a tool like HypeJar.


Perhaps the easiest way to describe HypeJar is to paint it as a Wikipedia of to-be-released products. Alas, this explanation is horribly insufficient. Apart from providing useful tidbits about said products, like pictures, descriptions and target release dates, HypeJar allows you to ‘hype’ a product and discuss (or speculate) about it with the rest of the community.

By telling HypeJar about the products you’re interested in, it’ll be able to keep you up to date when new details break (or when the product is released). As such, you can look at HypeJar like a subject-specific encyclopaedia, a product forum, a notification system, or any exciting combination of the above.


Finding Products

The products on HypeJar are remarkably well indexed, making it a joy to browse. Apart from the product title you can search for any of the tags associated with it, like actors, producers and associated studios. The results of your search are neatly organised per content type, allowing you to click through to the item page, or hype it without leaving the search.

upcoming releases

Of course, you’re not limited to searching for upcoming releases of products you already know of. You can browse HypeJar to discover new products as well, viewing items that are soon to be released, were excessively hyped, or just added to the website. You can even see the products that are coming out on a given day, month or year.

Hype Products & Fill Your Jar

As you probably already expected, you can hype products to show your support or enthusiasm. In addition to hyping something up, you can hype it down. This is very similar to the thumbs up/thumbs down way of rating that’s also used on YouTube. Two figures are interesting to watch – the number of hypes and the percentage of positive hypes.

upcoming movie releases

Apart from hyping a product, you can also add it to your Jar (which is a different action entirely). Adding the product to your jar – whether you like it, hate it, or remain undecided – allows you to keep a close watch until its release.

upcoming releases

HypeJar can send you digest mails concerning the products in your Jar at the end of each week (default, but optional) or at the end of each month. Another email which you are not subscribed to by default is a weekly overview of popular products. All of these can be enabled or disabled in your preferences.

What do you think about HypeJar? Is there anything you’re eager to Hype or add to your Jar? Let us know in the comments section below the article.

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