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Tracking browser cookies to serve adverts that are tailored to the user’s likes and dislikes is a practice that has been going on for years. But these methods prompt privacy concerns time and again. Google has now come up with a Chrome extension called Keep My Opt-Outs that lets users permanently opt out of personalized ads and prevent the ad agencies from tracking your browser cookies. It is currently only available for Chrome, and works only for the ad programs that offer an opt-out option.

opt out of google ads

A thing to keep in mind here is that if you use this extension, ads around the web could get repetitive and monotonous. It could also result in a decline in profits for the sites you visit because their site would be no longer serving the best ads to you.


  • Opt out of Google personalized advertising.
  • Works for the ads that offer an opt-out functionality.
  • Extension for other browsers coming soon.

Check out Keep My Opt-Outs @

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