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Google is making it easier to unsubscribe from pesky email newsletters you don’t want cluttering up your inbox. A prominent “unsubscribe” link at the top is the small but user-friendly change that is coming to all Gmail accounts.

The “unsubscribe” link right in the header information of an email is a timesaver. Many users don’t bother to rummage around in the footer section of a promotional email for that tiny “unsubscribe from newsletter” link that’s barely visible. The quickly accessible unsubscribe link should make dealing with unwanted emails a one-click axe job.
Gmail Unsubscribe

The change also helps genuine marketeers. It saves promotional emails and informational newsletters from being dumped into the spam folder — irritated users often opt for clicking the Spam button instead of taking the pains to unsubscribe. Legitimate emails marked as spam end up damaging a company’s online brand image. Better business communication is obviously also a priority for Google.

Email spam legislation means that every email newsletter must carry an unsubscribe option. Gmail has brought it front and center and hopefully made email marketing a touch friendlier — and our inboxes less cluttered.

Google announced the feature at the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group conference in San Francisco last week. It will gradually roll out to all users across the world. Elie Bursztein, who leads Google’s anti-abuse research mentioned the importance of balancing the needs of  consumers and businesses.

“We want our users to not have spam, and we also want you to reach the user.”

Source: IT World | Image Credits: Hand with eraser Via Shutterstock


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