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Are you trying to save a specific part of a webpage in your collection? Do you want to highlight what is most interesting to you while bookmarking a page? If yes, then you really cannot use the features the come built into your browser. The only feature you get there is standard webpage bookmarking that does not highlight specific portions.

Here to offer you a different and more specific kind of social bookmarking is a web service called Keeb.


Keeb is a free to use web service that lets you save and share parts of a webpage that you find most interesting. You start using the site by first creating an account on it. After this step, you can drag Keeb’s bookmarklet to your web browser’s bookmarks bar.

When you are on a webpage that you like, you can click on the bookmarklet to have a blue mini-window appear that lets you send parts of the page to your online Keeb account. You can name your Keeb pages and add unique content from sites to each page. On Keeb, you can check out what others have favorited and “Keebed”.



With each entry you get titles, possibly pictures, and the source website. You can click on the image to view details of the post and you can click on the URL to be taken to the original webpage.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you socially bookmark specific parts of a page.
  • Works through a bookmarklet.
  • Lets users see what others have Keebed.
  • Similar: Pluck, AwesomeHighlighter and Kiobo.

Check out Keeb @

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