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KCleaner is a piece of freeware that is compatible with computers running the Windows OS. The function of the application is to help you clean your system files. Your first step to use the app is to download and install its setup file that is sized at nearly 1.2 MB. Be sure to opt out of installing any additional software during the installation.

file cleaning software

Once the app is installed, you can open its small main window with buttons to analyze and clean your files. You can also send the application in “Automatic mode.” In order to control which areas of your computer the cleanup is executed on, you can access the app’s options. Here you can select the specific file types that you wish to have removed from your computer.

For example, you can choose to have the Recycle Bin emptied, the Java cache emptied, Recent file shortcuts removed, and so on. You can also specify the cleaning frequency of the automatic mode; setting the value to ‘1’ in this field means that the app will perform a cleanup every other hour.


To improve the security of your data while deleting it, you can choose to change the file names and trim them before you have them deleted. You can also choose from multiple deletion techniques in order to securely delete the files that are being cleaned up.



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