Kayak Explore: Shows Where To Travel Based On Budget, Activities & More

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Kayak Explore is a pretty interesting web based travel planning tool which lets you explore places based on the airfare you can afford, activities you intend to do, the temperature you like and much more. It’s a Google Maps mashup which lets you select your preferences and automatically updates the map marking the places you could visit.

where to travel

Once you’ve narrowed down the destinations, you could click on them on the map, and check latest airfare and nearby hotels. The map updates accordingly, and finally you can check the reviews of a place and more information on Kayak’s main site. The results could also be shared with others via the webpage link.

where to travel on a budget


  • Show¬† where to travel¬† based on¬† budget, activities you want to do and the weather of the destination.
  • Powered by Google Maps.
  • Also select places based on languages spoken.
  • Latest airfares and hotel reviews available.
  • Share the results via a link easily.

Check out Kayak Explore @ www.kayak.com/explore

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