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Linux users have numerous text editors at their disposal. Therefore if you are going to choose a programming text editor for Linux, it must be one that packs a rich set of features. Kate is precisely what you need.

programming text editor for linux

Kate is a free text editor for Linux computers and can be used to edit programming code. The app supports syntax highlighting for more than 180 programming languages. Code folding and collapsing is also supported. Window splitting lets you view multiple code documents. Argument hints and code autocompletion are offered by the program.

The app offers a bookmarking system along with scroll bar marks. A spelling check feature is built into the program. Session support is another important feature of this text editor.

Overall, Kate is a robust and competent programming text editor that Linux programmers can definitely use.



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  1. daniyal141
    August 27, 2016 at 8:41 am

    I wouldn't recommend it myself. Plus, it needs KDE to be installed. If you want something that just works without installing an extra DE, try Atom.