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Katapulco is a keyboard shortcut search home page for web users who love being productive and efficient. To search Youtube for Jay Leno, just type “Jay Leno”, hit Tab and type “yt” in the shortcut box. Looking up Montreal on Google Maps? “Montreal” and “gm” will do it. Wonder where this IP comes from: “”? Just type it and “ip”…


Unlike other “command line” search engines, Katapulco separates the shortcut from the query and all the commands are shortcuts of less than three characters. It also loads in less than a second (on a T1 line).

If set as a home page, Katapulco can be used as a pop-up search console. Want to look up a word? Ctrl-N brings a new browser window with Katapulco for you to search. Once done, doing Alt-F4 should shut it down and let you return to what you were doing. Katapulco is for users who hate to waste time. Using Katapulco, they can query multiple search engines without having to visit each site.

Key Features:

  • Allows personalization without the need to register or open an account.
  • Simple on purpose for quick loading times. It loads in 0.96 seconds on a T1 line.
  • To date, there are 139 search engines available and they are adding more every week.
  • Users who prefer to use the mouse can still enter keywords and click on the search engine of their choice.
  • Shortcuts are separated from the search query, making it easy to come back and change just the shortcut to try a different search engine.

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