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Are you looking for a cool way to organize all of the important events in your life? There are lots of places that organize your calendars like Facebook and Google Calendar. However, what if you want a way to bring these together in one useful service? A new website called Kahootz blends your important calendars from Google and Facebook, and it features a beautiful interface for adding new events to help you track your busy schedule.


The main page of Kahootz shows you the events you have up and coming. If you linked it with Facebook, you will be able to see all of your friend’s birthdays and the events you are going to. You will also see any events added through Google Calendar and events you have created inside of the application. It puts everything right where you need it, and there are plenty of alternate views that allow you to find your important events quickly and easily.


The interface for creating an event is slick, and it comes with all the options you need for your event. You can add repeats, times, locations and the list continues on and on. You can also choose to make your events public, so you can invite others to join you. Anyone looking for a fantastic browser based way to keep track of their calendars should try Kahootz.

The only drawback is that it does not support Apple’s iCloud calendars, but it’s a minor gripe.



  • Beautiful website to manage your calendars.
  • Syncs with Google and Facebook calendars.
  • Create and share events.
  • Follow interesting users events.

Find Kahootz @

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