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K7 gives you a free voicemail / fax toll-free number where you can receive fax and voicemail messages. K7 will process these messages and then forward them to your email address. There is also an option for you to add personalized call greetings.

So how do you set it up? Simply complete the sign-up and you will be allocated a 10-digit Seattle phone number where people can send faxes or leave you voicemail messages. So as long as you’re fine with a Seattle area code, it’s a great free answering machine and fax-to-email service.

Free Fax to Email Service


  • Get a free online phone number for receiving fax messages and voicemail.
  • Manage incoming fax and voicemail from one location.
  • Download and save voice messages and fax files to your computer.
  • Customize and record your personal call greetings.
  • No restrictions on the number of faxes or voice messages you can receive.
  • You can store online at most 20 messages, after that newest message will be erasing the oldest.
  • All calls to your K7 number will incur standard charges. There are no surcharges or special charges.

Alos keep in mind that if your K7 number remains inactive for 30+ days then it will be terminated for non-use. You still will be able to register a new one but your number will be different. For more information go to K7 FAQ page.

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