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Unfortunately for Posterous users, the web service is going to shut down on 30th April of this year. Users of the blogging platform should now be actively looking for blogging alternatives and for this, Tumblr is one of the best options. Here to help you migrate your blog from Posterous to Tumblr is a website called JustMigrate.

transfer blog from posterous to tumblr

JustMigrate is a free to use web service that easily does what a lot of Internet users will be doing in the very near future – migrating their blogs from Posterous to Tumblr. While in other blog backup creation procedures you might be required to download your blog’s content in a ZIP file, JustMigrate does not make you download anything. The only thing that you have to do is provide the website with the URL of your Posterous blog.

The next step is simply to authorize your Tumblr account by providing the email you use with Tumblr. From then onwards, the website seamlessly transfers your content from Posterous to Tumblr. It is not just the content of your articles and images that are transferred – all audio, embedded video, tags, titles, post dates, and a lot more are brought from Posterous to your Tumblr blog.

Of course none of your Posterous data should be private otherwise JustMigrate will not be able to access it.




  • A user friendly web service.
  • Helps transfer your Posterous blog to Tumblr.
  • Does not require you to download or upload anything.
  • Transfers all audio, video, text, embedded video, tags, titles, and post dates.

Check out JustMigrate @

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