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Most of the major social networks have a family feature built-in. With Facebook, you can add people as aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. With Google+ you can create a circle for just your family. However, the important things your family shares will still get lost in all the other noise that comes with these social networks. That is where JustFamily comes in.

It is a place for your family, and only your family, to share memories with each other in a private, noise-free environment.

photo sharing for families

Families can use JustFamily from a standard web browser, any mobile devices’ browser, or through their free iPhone application. If you have a family member who does not want to sign up for the site, you can share things with them directly to email, so they will not feel left out of the family fun.


Once you have an account, using the site is very familiar to using any other social network. You can share photos, videos, posts and all the standard items. The difference is, you are sharing with only your family members. For families who want to have a place to keep their memories, this is the network for them.



  • Social network just for you and your family.
  • Share photos, videos and more with the people closest to you.
  • Share through email if someone does not want to sign up for the site.
  • Create a family tree for everyone in your family to see.
  • Edit and manipulate photos to share.

Find JustFamily @ and on the iTunes App Store

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