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black friday dealsFor those of you who take advantage of Black Friday deals (the following Friday after Thanksgiving day in the US), several websites and iPhone apps exist to help you locate coupons, compare prices, and look for the best stores, on and offline.

The following sites are limited to the ones I found most accessible and easy to navigate. If you know of others I overlooked, please share them in the comment section.

Black Friday App

For all of us iPhone users, there are a handful of apps featuring links to coupons and adverts from various retail businesses. One of the two I like is called, well, Black Friday (iTunes Store link). It lists products by category and store, and allows you to save those items to your shopping list without having to register for an account. ï»¿

When you use the search feature for a product, the app delivers coupons from different merchandisers.

black friday deals


You can also of course share your search results to your Facebook, Twitter account, and email. Black Friday has a clean visual interface and is not cluttered with long alphabetical lists of products.


TheFind (iTunes Store link) begins with a search engine in which the developers say their app is “guaranteed to show you the most matching products & find the BEST PRICES compared to another shopping app”.  ï»¿To use this app, you manually type keywords or use the “Red Laser” barcode scanner for an existing product.

Search results include a comparison of prices and the stores where the product will be on sale. The Nearby feature is very useful for finding deals locally offline.

black friday online deals

I searched for an 8GB iPod Nano and discovered a refurbished one available locally for $50 less than a similar model Nano, found using the Black Friday app.

Black Friday @

In terms of web resources, a couple of sites make claim to the “Official Black Friday Deals Site”.  Black Friday @ contains what you might expect, including links to online ads, coupons, and other deals.

black friday online deals

The left side of the homepage lists links to the major stores, well as icon links to the “most popular sale ads”.

black friday online deals

If you register an account, you can get notified when new Black Friday ads are posted, as well as participate in the forum which consists of hundreds of discussions for finding deals on particular products, even before Black Friday. You also need to be registered in order to establish a shopping list. This site is the most well designed and visually oriented of other sites I viewed.

The other official Black Friday 2010 website is This site looks to be totally link-based to thousands of deals, coupons, and ads from all the popular stores.

best black friday deals

Categories exist for popular Black Friday ads and Hot Deals by a handful of categories, including deals for laptops, cameras, MP3 players, cell phone deals, and toys.

Store links on the site are not as helpful, in my view, because they consist of simple alphabetical lists of items. Searching by categories and doing specific product searches seems to be the best way to use this site. claims also to be an official site. It”˜s mainly a directory of links to ads and merchants. Providing your email address on the site will get you daily email updates of coupons and other deals posted on the site. I would suggest providing a temporary email address just in case it’s shared with other marketing lists.

best black friday deals

You can also create a shopping list on this site by registering. Product links are organized by categories for each listed store.

Black Friday on Twitter

No doubt there will be dozens of Twitter accounts for Black Friday ads. As of this writing, blackfriday_fm seems to have the most followers so far.

black friday deals

Blackfriday_fm also of course links to its own site directory of links as well as iPhone (iTunes Store link) and Android app. In addition, it includes Black Friday News of updates about early bird specials, store hours for major merchandisers, and hot deals on highlighted products.

The above list is not definitive by a long shot. For additional recommendations check out our Black Friday list 5 Sites To Find Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Listings 5 Sites To Find Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale Listings Read More from last year. Individual merchants will also be marketing products on their respective Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you know of other useful resources, please let us know about them.

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  1. Wade Potter
    November 24, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    The other Black Fiday website is
    In my opinion it beats all the others hands down.

  2. mrsag3
    November 24, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    The Black Friday app by DealNews (first listed) is also available on the Android market at this time.

  3. Wade Potter
    November 24, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    The other Black Fiday website is
    In my opinion it beats all the others hands down.